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Dear LSB Fan,

Looking back on our crowdfund project

The American Dream of a Dutch band

TheExperience compleet

We've performed great shows for a growing audience. With heart and soul we've covered timeless songs of our true music heroes like CS&N, James Taylor, The Eagles and Jackson Browne, which brought us to a big music festival in the U.S. Abbey Road on the River. We're happy to say we've been invited to perform for the 5th time in a row, in May this year.

In 2013 we visited Erwin Musper, a sound engineer/producer who has worked with a.o. Dutch superstar Anouk, Doe Maar, Def Leppard, The Scorpions, Van Halen and Bon Jovi. He offered to record a demo of our music for free. Working with Erwin was amazing , it felt like we had another LSB Band member!

Record our own songs
The growing demands for our original music, along with the enthusiastic welcome we have experienced in The Netherlands and in the U.S., have lead us to the next step. A step toward making our dream come true! What if we can record and mix 15 of our own original songs in Erwin Musper's Bamboo Room Studio with our bass player Rob Hendriks and drummer Peter Deiman?
There was only one problem: It would take 25.000.00 Euros to get the job done!

The Crowdfund Project
We decided to ask our relatives, friends and fans to help us raising the amount of money needed. Within a couple of months we had enough to book the Bamboo Room in Cincinnatti and eventually we raised almost 24.000.00 Euros. We recorded 15 songs and in November 2014 we organized a crowdfund party in Hilversum to celebrate the birth of our brand new album "The Experience"

Thank you!

Thanks to our sponsors, friends and fans from different parts of the world, that is you, we have made our American Dream come true.

By taking "The Experience" further and by being succesful with LSB means treasuring the love and support you have given us. We hope to say thank you in person in the nearby future.

All the best, Hans, Sjoerd & Mars

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