Peter Deiman

Drummer Peter Deiman lives in in Emmen Holland. Graduated from the Conservatory of Groningen on drums, timpani, mallets, snare drum. He founded the pop group "What-a-gig!" .whith this band he played in the renowned Tokyo Budokanhal, a talent show for Yamaha Band Explosion. The band won the award for "Best Overseas Band" . Also played in jazz groups and big bands. Made in the nineties part of Wizniz, Gina's Band of blues, Brinkel Boogie Band in 1996 and the Time Bandits. He also did a number of performances with the Belgian singer Barbara Dex . In the same year the CD "Upshot" of Jeff Zwart Project was releases in which he played drums since 1993. Taught at music camps. Wrote for the magazine Slagwerkkrant. Did marimba on the project with bassist Guus Strijbosch Bach & Bass Marimba. Gave percussionist lessons between 2002 and 2007 at the ICO Assen and and now in Emmen. Regularly gives workshops and art classes menu (percussion) to primary schools. Now plays in "Marathon Men" and with Harm "Brinkel" Brinksma, Margaret Kleine and Jeff Zwart. Is author of the book "Worried Man Blues" about music bar "the Amer" in Amen Holland, published in 2004. Other projects are "the Rush Coverband" and "Brazilona" repertoire of mostly Elis Regina. In 2006 he published "Cajón in pop music." Played in The Strawberry Beats ( Beatles tribute band) with Hans Sligter and Sjoerd van den Broek.

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