Hans Sligter

In theory it seems like a good idea: Put three experienced singers / guitarists together in a band and create a "super group". Often however, musical disagreements and incompatible characters are the reasons that such initiatives are short lived. What’s so special about The LSB Experience is that it feels natural to work together as a collective, although both Marcel, Sjoerd and myself have always been used to being leadsingers / guitarists in bands, or perform as solo acts before. Having to share that central spot on the stage could be quite difficult for many typical frontmen / artists, but in our case the pieces were in place right from the very beginning. We already had a lot of fun during the first rehearsals and performances, and strange enough the click that’s necessary to forge three personalities with three different voices into a musical fusion was almost immediately available. Maybe it's because we all have built some life experience as well as the necessary flight hours in the music circuit, but problems of ego play no role in The LSB Experience. Whenever we make music together we constantly interact in terms of timing, intonation and phrasing, in order to align the harmonies and make them sound as a whole, but we also give each other the time "in the spotlight." We respect and admire each other and although we hold our own individual stand, we realize that we complement and reinforce one another. This is also reflected in the stage presence and is as such tangible for the audience. At gigs we always give it our very best to try and take the audience along on the “musical trip” that The LSB Experience offers, in order to entertain the people and get them to move, but most of all, to touch them with that indefinable “deeper” feeling that good music can cause. Another ambition I have, is to perform original work with The LSB Experience and make an album with these songs. We've all done things like that before individually. There is still plenty of good material on the shelve to help start up such a project and then we’ll see how to take it from there as a collective. In the past I often was hesitant towards trying similar plans within a musical company, but with Marcel and Sjoerd I have a lot of confidence that this can work out for the good!


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